What is Chi?

Chi is often referred to as life force or energy.

You may be wondering how can I feel it or see it or even touch it?

Chi is present in all beings and yes, even in all objects, from animal to mineral.  It is the substance that connects all things in our universe.

Much like Einstein’s equation E = MC2 where he scientifically proves that energy and matter are the same, chi is part of all creation from our natural world to the chair that I am sitting on.

Chi shows itself in our body by our very existence and we can tell how healthy the flow of chi is in the body by observing it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When the chi is abundant and it flows freely throughout the body, a person is vibrant, healthy and balanced in all areas.  The body is strong and supple, the skin is bright, the eyes sparkle, emotions are balanced, the mind is clear and the spirit is settled.

When there is a deficiency in chi or the flow of chi is restricted, we see a person who is out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We see some form of illness like digestive troubles, body pains, insomnia, cloudy thinking, emotional disturbances, and psychiatric disorders.