Giulia Passport photoAbout Giulia

Giulia has worked as a Registered Nurse since 1990, and specialised in Renal Care and Dialysis from 1992 to 2004.  She developed a special interest in complementary therapies early on in her nursing career when it became evident that patients needed more than allopathic medicine could provide. This sent her on a quest for further knowledge and skills.  She has trained in Chinese Acupuncture and specialised in Japanese needle therapy, Japanese moxibustion, Manaka protocols, meridian therapy, polarity therapy, colour, sound and light therapy, reiki, myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy and vibrational medicine. Giulia treats her clients holistically using these traditional healing methods.

Giulia is able to work with an extensive range of health issues, chronic body problems, injuries and musculo-skeletal disorders.

A personal note


I am honoured to work with people to help them realise their worth on their journey back to health and well being, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I spent many years working as a registered nurse and had the privilege of learning to navigate life with my own chronic health issues.   I had plenty of help along the way from wonderful practitioners and people in both western medical and natural therapies, so I understand the importance of self-care and allowing self-love to be my guide.

At the age of 33 while working as a nurse I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension (IPH).  Idiopathic means there is no known cause.  This condition is characterized by these common symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue and chest tightness.  The symptoms occur because the blood vessels within the lungs narrow and scar and restrict the flow of blood through the lungs.  This causes back pressure on the right side of the heart causing enlargement of the right side of the heart and leading to death via right heart failure.

I lived with IPH for 17 years with the help of wonderful medical specialists and other practitioners of complimentary therapies.  While IPH is a debilitating condition, it gave me the opportunity to learn and grow and experience other modalities to help manage my condition.

In my quest for balance and self care, I studied Chinese Acupuncture, then moved onto Japanese needle therapy which encompasses many other non-needle techniques to regulate chi and blood including moxibustion, colour, light and polarity techniques as well as sotai, a form of Japanese body work.  I found the Japanese healing therapies as taught by my wonderful teacher and mentor Paul Movsessian to be gentle and transformative which is why I love to use these techniques.

I also had the opportunity to learn about vibrational remedies and other energetic systems, as well as mindfulness, meditation and other spiritual practises that supported my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

After 17 years of IPH, my heart and pulmonary artery were failing due to the high pressures so I was lucky enough to receive a miracle double lung transplant on May 21st 2019.  There were complications post surgery which damaged my leg and foot so has made recovery longer than usual, however, I am blessed to be alive, and have two legs that work, and am deeply grateful to my donor and donor family for this amazing gift.  My heart has now recovered and is working well, which means I can now pay it forward and assist you on your journey to health and well being.

May you have a blessed, happy and balanced life.