Balance body, mind and spirit and unlock your full potential as you become an empowered individual who embraces a life of vitality and inner peace.

Japanese Healing Therapies


Japanese Healing Therapy techniques access the meridian system and brings harmony and balance to the body’s energy, otherwise known as chi, by supporting the body’s innate self-healing system. To help regulate the meridian system Giulia stimulates the acu-points found at specific locations along the meridians using a combination of specialised techniques. With respect to the individuality of each client, every treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Havening Techniques


Havening Techniques® is a gentle and nurturing psychosensory technique that uses the body’s innate and intuitive self-healing abilities to permanently strengthen the mind and body, by removing trauma and building resilience so reducing emotional distress and enhancing psychological wellbeing.

Let your body, mind and spirit move towards balance and vitality